Please request a structure from this list or other building you would like to see produced.

Photos and/or plans if you have them would be great!

Possible Future Products List (not in any particular order)

CPR Type 13 – A Standard (Small) Station

CPR Type 15 – A3 Standard Station

CPR Type 11 - #4 Standard Station (High hip above bay – wide front eave)

CPR Type 2 Combination Station and Section House

CPR #4 Section House

CPR #11 Standard Station

CPR Freight Shed

CPR Roundhouse

CPR Ice House

CPR Golden Station

CPR Type 16 Standard Station

CNR 2nd Class Standard Station (stucco & wood siding)

CNR 3rd Class Standard Station


Interlocking Towers

CPR/CNR Small Structures (sheds, tool houses, etc)

Interior & exterior details

Grain Elevator Series

      -  Annexes

      - Saskatchewan Pool Elevator

      - Various other grain companies (eg. UGG and Pioneer)