Our goal at Monashee Laser Engineering (MLE) is to provide the modeler with a quality kit that can be assembled by all skill levels and achieve superior results. A considerable amount of time and research has gone into the design of each of our kits. They are prepared using graphic design software from photos, plans and drawings. Each kit is an accurate or slightly modified representation of an actual prototype structure or railway car. Where a prototype does not exist, designs are based on typical design practices for the period.

Various materials are used in our kits from MDF hardboard, plywood and basswood to styrene. Siding is represented with styrene as it provides the best quality finish and thin profile available, especially for drop siding. Novelty or drop siding is used extensively on Canadian prototypes making a quality product necessary for our purposes. Plywood from 1/64" to 1/16" is used where strength and stability are desired with a thin profile. Materials have been chosen to give you the best suited building supplies available for a given task.

An extensive array of templates and jigs are provided to assist in the assembly of each kit. They are provided to ease construction, enhance results and aid in clarity of the instructions.

An abundance of commercial detail parts and custom castings and details are enclosed in each MLE kit. We hope you appreciate the high level of detail put into each of our structure and rolling stock kits.

The construction manuals are the heart of our kits, guiding the builder toward creating a museum quality piece by following each step. It includes tips for assembling, finishing and weathering your kit as well as sources for supplies and detail parts. Every effort has been made to provide as much information as possible to simplify construction.