cpr st marys

Cpr station

115-HO  St. Marys Station - Available Now!

cpr station

115-N  St. Marys Station - Available Now!



CPR Station

Kit #111-HO  CPR Portable Station - Available Now!


CNR Portable

 CNR Shelter

Kit #112A-HO  CNR Freight and Passenger Shelter - Available Now! 


cnr station


CNR staynerCNR Stayner 

Kit #113-HO  CNR (Ex GTR) Stayner Station - Available Now!

2021 PLANNED KIT RELEASES - Available Soon!

Available by the end of 2021. Each kit's current status is shown below.

HO - Scale


cnr station

Kit #116-HO  CNR/GTP Type E Station - Demo/display model currently under construction

cpr #5

Kit #102E-HO  CPR #5 station (gable dormers – enlarged freight room) - Demo/display model currently under construction

Canadian Grain Elevator Series


Grain Elevator  Grain Elevator

Kit #117A-HO 1948 Alberta Pool Grain Elevator (includes office/engine building and storage shed) - Demo/display model currently under construction

This is our first kit in our Canadian Grain Elevator series. Kits will be produced in HO and N scale and will include Alberta and Saskatchewan Pool, United Grain Growers and Pioneer (perhaps others) with add-on annexes and combined kits appropriate for each company. These kits will be actual scale size, not the compressed versions currently available.

cpr witches hat

Kit #118-HO  CPR "Witches Hat" station - Currently in model design


N - Scale


cnr third class

103C-N  CNR Third Class Station (Enlarged freight room) - Model kit production delayed

Water tower

Kit #105-N  CPR Enclosed Water Tower - Demo/display model currently under construction



O - scale


cpr portable station

111-O  CPR Portable Station - Model kit production in progress

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future kits.